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Clinical mentoring and education


As a highly experienced clinician who has spent considerable time as an NHS clinician and manager, I have provided clinical supervision and mentoring to numerous team members over the years, and have frequently supported staff from other Trusts, if there has not been a suitably experienced clinician within their organisation. For this reason, in addition to my current role as a clinician in private practice, I can provide ongoing support and education to women's health and pelvic physiotherapists working in both settings. This can take the form of assistance with service planning, clinical problem solving sessions, and teaching and training. This can be done via Zoom or FaceTime, or in person. I am also available for lecturing and CPD sessions (both for fellow physiotherapists, and also for other professional groups).

Clinical caseload discussion

This can take place either in person or via Skype or FaceTime and is an opportunity to review or discuss your clinical caseload and any complex clients you are seeing. This can take the form of problem solving, brain storming, treatment advice and recommendations. 

Teaching sessions

These are best conducted in person. You can select an appropriate topic and duration, and I can arrange to meet with you at a mutually convenient venue to provide the teaching session. I will also provide you with any presentation slide handouts/teaching materials.

Formal lecturing

I have experience lecturing/talking to small and large groups of physio's, other health professionals, and patient support groups regarding various relevant topics. In the past I have also lectured to Undergrad physio students (for many years) at the University of East London. 

Recent talks and CPD sessions have included:

  • 3 hour training session for 30 musculoskeletal physiotherapists from Herts and Essex regarding pelvic health and diastasis of rectus abdominus muscles (DRAM)
  • 2 hour training session for Adore Your Pelvic Floor coaches regarding hypermobility and pelvic health
  • 1.5 hour talk to trainee yoga teachers regarding the pelvic floor muscles (anatomy, function, relationship with the diaphragm)
  • 6 hour CPD day to psychosexual and relationship therapists re: the role of the physiotherapist in treating pelvic pain, vulval pain and sexual dysfunction
  • 1.5 hour talk for physiotherapists regarding vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia
  • 1 hour talk to gynaecology nurses regarding the role of the pelvic / women's health physiotherapist

  • I can also provide workshops to interested groups on relevant topics - for example I recently teamed up with a nutritionist/dietitian friend to provide a very popular and well received workshop for women regarding the menopause and the pelvic floor

  • Please contact me directly via email:, or through the contact me form on this website for further information regarding fees and availability.  Fees will vary depending on the duration and location of any services being provided. 

What my clients are saying

Helen has provided me with clinical mentoring and support over several years now (as I work alone). We have spoken regularly regarding my caseload and any clinical issues I may be having, and have met in person for teaching intermittently. Helen's ongoing support has been invaluable for my career development. 

Anon, physiotherapist, UK

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